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The purpose of this missive is to make you realize why you can’t make meaningful change in your life, and what you can – and should – do about it.

There’s always something we can improve or do better.

You might even have the genuine desire to do so.

You read “Why you will want to give up” and you get fired up.

You read OUT FOR BLOOD and you get fired up.

You read “Devotion” and you get fired up.

Then what?

You go back to everyday life. You go back to normal. You get the same results you always did.

Yes, you do – if you allow yourself to.

What will change your life and Character isn’t one hack or realization.

It’s not one book or podcast.

It’s not one missive from Daemon.

It’s a war you must wage every single day.

If you don’t make that a deliberate decision, it’s just a wish – wishes fade, your chance of success – slim.

Declare war you must.

Declare war on your traumas and afflictions.

Declare war on your negative self-talk and self-image.

Declare war on your bad habits and debilitating addictions.

Declare war on entropy and fading slowly into senescence and irrelevance.

Declare war on your understanding and skills of yesterday.

Declare war on regret, fear, doubt and indolence.

Declare war on having no mission and principles.

Declare war on having a bad attitude.

Declare war on your obsolete skills.

Declare war on being broke.

Declare war on your character flaws and shortcomings.

Declare war on anything and everything that holds you back and makes your life miserable.

OK, what means?

It means that you have to make that decision – that you’re at war – and therefore will no longer tolerate those things about yourself.

In war, there’s no “tolerance” for the enemy. War on your own flaws should be no different. Zero tolerance. No surrender. If you lose a battle, if you experience a setback – you keep fighting until the war is won.

You fight by focusing your energy on the things you have to do to make yourself and your life better. You fight by focusing your energy on positive things that will draw you away from your past condition.

OK, but how do you win?

It’s a campaign you have to go on and a war you have to wage.

You have to train every day.

You have to study every day.

You have to reflect every day.

You have to make directed effort every day.

You have to keep working on your new You every day.

Every day is how you indoctrinate yourself with your higher purpose, values, principles and embody your better self.

This is why I aim to put a missive out every day.

So that you remember.

So that you don’t fall back.

So that you keep going forward.


Even if the missive doesn’t apply to your Vision and circumstances – it’s your reminder EVERY DAY.

Wrote Miyamoto Musashi: “Today is your victory over yourself of yesterday, tomorrow is your victory over lesser men.”

Said Lao Zi:  “Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”

Noted Plato: “The greatest victory is to conquer yourself.”

Declare war and wage it daily.

Questions and suggestions – hit REPLY and let me know immediately. I read every message you send my way.

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Win every day,


Your Daemon

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