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“INSANE” daily email fires up your mind and brainwashes you to win life

Who Should NOT Subscribe

Please do NOT sign up for the FREE email list if:

  • you’re a flake and don’t have the minimal self-discipline to open and read the emails EVERY DAY;
  • you expect to get something for nothing, to get results without the required work;
  • you think you know everything about the mind-body;
  • you’re a perfect special snowflake;
  • you’re an idiot.

Everybody else is welcome to sign up!

What Subscribers Are Saying

‘Your emails slay. Reading them I feel like ”this is the next voice I want to learn from”. I know why.’ – Chris

‘Just signed up with you recently and I am very glad that I did.’ – Tracy

‘I’m lucky to have discovered your work. You are a power-law person.’ – Sunil

‘Your missives are genuinely helping me get a grip on Life. It seems like even emails from days and weeks ago are connecting and resonating with emails sent today. And triggering some sort of powerful response that makes their authenticity ride even more. Like they’re all pre-planned tiny segments of this one grand Work. ‘ – Jorge

‘I really enjoy your emails and tweets. I think you have a lot of great insights into optimizing life during the short time we are alive. They help me.’ – Patrick

‘Your advice has encouraged me to care less about the ”mechanics” of why I feel like I do, and instead focus on the proper actions and being aware of results. It’s also encouraged me to ignore 99% of what’s billed as efficiency and productivity (“time hacks” and all manner of suggestions you see on Twitter) and be all the better for it.’ – Deane

‘Insane. I needed to read this though. Thank you for writing this for us.’ – K. C.

‘I read your email every day and I think that they really have a massive impact on me. I am more aware of myself and my thoughts. (And drink a lot more water.) That email brought light on probably my biggest conditioning that I wasn’t even aware of. Now instead of apologizing I will get intolerant on my BS.’ – Aydin

‘Your email struck home with me today, thank you for continuously providing valuable content, it supplements my growth.’ – Craig

‘I’ve read through the Foundations of Awareness several times, letting it sink in further each time. Thank you for your emails and your posts on Patreon, I truly value the information, experience, and perspective that you are kind enough to share… Discovering your Twitter posts was like finding water in a desert.’ – Jennifer

‘Thank you – this advice came at the right time. Really cuts through the BS. Time to write more and write fast.’ – Alex

‘I subscribed because I knew I was letting my ego and validation from others drive all my life choices. I wanted to hack away at the noise so I can let the addiction to approval go and live the life that is truly fulfilling. That’s what you write about.’ – Leora

‘This one is fracking great. I intend to come back to it many times.’ – Ross

‘I love your emails and truly appreciate the knowledge and insight you bring.’ – Natali

‘I subscribed because Day 1 is today, and how you spend your day is how you spend your life. Previously unaware of that, had been scraping by on other fakts. Thank you.’ – Jim

‘In the past three years I’ve slowly become someone I thought my ex would approve of. I’m unlearning that and starting to be more truthful with my speech. I’ve upset my parents and friends who don’t like that I’ve gone sober and don’t want to eat out at fast food restaurants.’ – Christian

‘I’m going through Air Force pilot training right now, and your Visioning e-mails have helped guide me towards a conscious and deliberate choice of lifestyle and future airframe that aligns with my desires. I can go three days without food, no problem. My colleagues and family think I’m weird for fasting. The cognitive and health benefits to fasting are mind-blowing.’ – Robert

‘I like the way you write and tell as is. It makes me think about who I am, what I can do and how to live. Am really learning about myself, starting to question decisions and see others as either friend or foe! To engage or not. Thank you.’ – Valyn

‘I started reading your emails because they give me the kick in the gut that I needed. I am still fearful to take action in certain areas of my life but your missives have helped me to take more action than I would’ve otherwise. Thank you for your honesty.’ – Joe

‘I subscribe to Your missives because I recognise that You are further along in understanding, application and action than I am. I utilise Your missives as a grounding effect and perspective shift in my own journey, I appreciate but do not follow as rote.’ – Tom

‘Many thanks for everything and every missive you send out. They have helped me heaps.’ – Qhamani

‘Your emails make me think hard about assumptions I am making. I feel the pull for waking up. I am discovering how deep one has to go to start being sincere. Thank you for your newsletter.’ – Samuel

‘I once went to a psychologist. She told me that I needed an engine for my life, something that drove me. For many years, her words meant nothing to me. These missives gave me the key and the rest to build this engine.’ – Filip

‘This is a nuclear weapon of mass destruction.’ – Q.

‘Your missives are valuable. Each time I check my inbox and see a new email from you, I am reminded to check in with myself. What have I been doing? How am I feeling? What adjustments do I need to make? I almost always read the missive twice, often times more. Perhaps the most value I have gained from your content is direction to crafting a Vision of myself and taking deliberate action toward that vision. During periods of lethargy and lack of optimism, I can always trace it back to a lack of vision and losing momentum. Your missives serve as a catalyst to circle the wagons and get back on track.’ – Taylor

‘Not the usual empty platitudes and meaningless drivel I kept seeing on Twitter. Your writing was… unexpected… and sometimes disorienting. Your emails have broadened my perspectives and have confirmed some feelings I have been developing over the years. I spent many years discounting how I felt about things and simply analyzing the situation and this reliance on “thinking” has led me to places and gotten me in situations that make me feel awful, isolated, disconnected. I am trying to fix it and yet I am still reluctant because for once I am entertaining feelings as an important guide and very relevant for how I act and I have never really done this before.’ Mary