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What day of the week is it even?

Last updated on 2023.06.10

This missive could feel very, very harsh if you actually get it.

Not if you get the words – if you get “it”.

And the harsher it feels, the better. Because probably, maybe, just about you will have realized something.

Most people spend most of their lives in a dreamworld. They are unconscious of themselves or what is happening around them, usually both. (They have the latest dildophone though.)

What day of the week is it even?

Do you know?

Most days I don’t. Not unless I am setting up something on my calendar or looking up the weather forecast or following up with a client. (If you want to apply for my client services, do it here:

I am not just oblivious. I am intentionally oblivious.

Because every day is the day I should be working on my goals if I want to manifest my Vision of the world.

I don’t see myself as terribly successful. I don’t think I am by any stretch.

Nor am I particularly hard-working. (That’s a big reason why I am not wildly successful.)

But I know one thing.

While you take a break “because it’s the weekend” or “because you don’t feel like it” or “because the game is on” or “because whatever pathetic excuse”, the clock is taking you another step deeper into mediocrity. And another. And another.

The universe could not give any less of frack that it’s Friday or Saturday or your pathetic birthday or whatever.

Your actions, moment to moment, show what your true priority is.

If you’re having a drink to unwind and recharge so you can get back to it with renewed strength, that’s fine. Do whatever works for you, whatever flies your kite.

But if you’re having a drink just because it’s Friday night and you don’t feel like doing anything else, you might as well quit right now. Because you have a problem.

It’s not a drinking problem. Don’t you DARE scapegoat the drink.

You have a problem with yourself.

You have a problem with yourself because you have no priorities. You have no self-respect and self-awareness. You will get nowhere  If you’re drinking just because the calendar says “Saturday!”, mediocrity is the best you can get.

Because you are doing the exact same thing every other abject loser is doing.

Why do you do what every other loser does and expect a better result?


Massive action is taking it backwords. The action that works is the action you take persistently and GRIND at no matter what even if it’s at a glacial pace.


Here is some news to you.

If you want a lot, it takes a lot.

If you are making a mediocre effort and not annihilating distractions and excuses, you will get the mediocre reward your mediocre effort deserves.

Because life isn’t fair and you get exactly what you deserve.

I have a lot to dislike about my past life but I have deserved every bit of it. And no, the vast majority of the time I do NOT get treated fairly. Even to this day.

I have learnt not to care about things that will never change anyway.

Don’t believe me.

Nobody gives a flying platypus if it’s fair or not.



That is all that you should care about. Because it helps you make better decisions about what you should do next.

If you didn’t do the work, you should do the work.

If you did do the work, you should do the work.


Or you should reevaluate your goals. Because if you don’t actually do the work you might as well just quit and stop wasting everyone’s time.

Now, there will be a few geniuses out there who will go: “Well, I just want to drink my liquid estrogen (sometimes called beer) over here and play with my kids, so I don’t care about your massive action.”

Unless they have ZERO aspiration and ZERO self-respect, those geniuses have totally missed the point.

What I am telling you applies to every aspect of life that you care about, not just money or women or whatever it is that you think I am talking about.


If you want to be a housewife with a white picket fence, you still have to make that effort to become one worthy of that position.

It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is or how much effort you have made already.


Do you want it or not?

That’s it. That’s the only thing you should care about.

I drink some days and don’t drink others. But every day I know that I have to put in the work if I want to get anywhere with my Vision.

If I don’t put in the work today, then I failed myself. And some days I do fail. But the next day is still Day 1, and I’m still aware of the same thing – that I can’t measure myself by mediocre standards if I don’t want to have mediocre results.

Every day that I fail to get to Right Action towards my Vision I am acutely Aware of it.


If you measure yourself by the standards of the average and the mediocre, don’t expect to be anything more than average and mediocre.

If you do what everybody else is doing, don’t expect to get more than what everybody else is getting.

If you do what everybody else is doing, expect to get LESS than what everybody else is getting.

Because the universe is vicious with mediocrity that way.

Mediocre people take their cues from others – the car they have or the new furniture they bought or whatever other consumerist trash they are wasting with.

For mediocre people their mediocre neighbors’ grass is always greener. Mediocre people always see themselves as something less than other mediocre people. That’s just how they loop inside their heads. Because they compare themselves to other mediocres. Because that’s how they ended up mediocre.

But the universe punishes mediocrity in more ways than one.

When you set yourself mediocre goals and standards, there is only one way to fall – down below mediocrity. And that’s exactly what most people get.


For that very reason.

If your goals and standards are sky-high and godlike, you have room to fail upwards, not only downwards. You create constructive optionality. You open up space to grow.

When you can only imagine a small life, you get an even smaller life.

I don’t want you to have a small life.

For my own selfish reasons.

If we had any more mediocrity around, I’d have to go live in a cave because mediocrity is sickening.

For that reason too, I have been grinding for two weeks to make happen something that I should have done a long time ago – an exclusive super-selective carefully curated list of the best, ONLY the best and ONLY the essential books on Integral subjects.

I have reviewed literally hundreds of books for this. There is still a pile waiting to be read and skimmed on my desk.

It was backbreaking work and I’m quite content with the result. I was able to dig up some books I had long forgotten and some hidden gems that I had never heard of before.

You can find the first iteration of the list here:

I will update it from time to time (I still have a few dozen to review, but that will be an ongoing process from now on) – including by removing books if better ones show up.

Take a look at the lists and get to work on yourself. And if you think I have missed some essential book of outstanding quality, please send me an email. Any suggestions on how to make the lists work better for you are welcome. Especially from patreons.

If you want to support my work, you can become a patreon here:

If you have questions or comments, hit REPLY and let me know right now. I read every message you send.

As always, you’re most welcome to share this missive.

Rise a god,


Your Daemon


PS: I am still accepting application for my coaching practice. This is the link to apply:

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