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The really, really, really bad news about the coronavirus

Last updated on 2023.06.05

This missive is not easy to write, but it’s better that you know now, so you can take action.

It’s the only time I have written to you and loathed every minute of it.

I have to tell you something the public “health” “authorities” won’t tell you for months. And won’t know for months because low-energy incompetence. Many may know it already, but they won’t admit to knowing because they want to keep stock prices high and the mass obedient.

We are slipping into a global pandemic unseen for centuries.

You already know this, if you’ve been paying attention. Last time you received from me, I told you the pandemic is arrived, way before the “authorities”.

If you have read that last missive, you also know that the main focus of my research the last couple of weeks has been contagion.

It’s why I have been able to predict so easily that the wuhan cannot be stopped.

But as I kept digging through the medical research and the epidemic data and the social media reports and the conspiracy theories, something much worse has become evident.

It wasn’t at all what I was looking for, but here we are.

You will get the details in my research note. It has been much delayed because of all these new findings, which you won’t hear in the media. The “note” looks to be well over 5,000 words already, and not for lack of discipline in writing it.

Today I will just give you a story about the novel coronavirus because you should take action to avoid infection today.


Many versions of this story are possible.

Don’t believe any of it. Just understand what it means to your health and future right now.

We don’t know who did it and how.

It could have been a half-witted lab technician who eats loads of carbs, gets “low blood sugar” and forgets to wash his hands before going to bat lunch.

It could have been another scientician with a victim mindset who wanted to shake up the CCP mob by triggering social unrest.

It could have been a lame bioterrorist thinking he’s Dr fracking Peters.

We’ll never know how the bug got out of the lab, but out of a lab it came.

In the beginning of my serious research a couple of weeks ago, the origin of the coronavirus didn’t matter much. Now it does matter, and you will soon know why.

The market where the contagion supposedly started is blocks away from China’s only Level 4 microbiology lab equipped to handle deadly coronaviruses. There are many bizarre events that happened early on in Wuhan. Like the lockdown of a military facility. Strange rumours and chatter among CCP officials. You name it.

As I was writing this section on 22 February, the official Chinese media reported a new study that says the contagion started much earlier.

“The study believes that patient zero transmitted the virus to workers or sellers at the Huanan seafood market.”

Patient zero could have been the aforementioned lab worker – or a lab animal sold to the butchers at the market.

Yeah, that’s how it is in bat country. Don’t believe me.

How do we know the bug didn’t come from the wild?

Both its genetics and epidemiology say otherwise. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably at least a platypus.

The going conspiracy theory is that the Chinese stole it from a lab in Canada (which brings up the question “What in the holy frack were the fracking Canadians doing in their fracking lab?”), took it to their only lab with a sufficient level of safety – and then some FRACKING BAT-EATING MAWRON made a massive mess out of it all.

I really couldn’t care less if the Chinese stole the thing. I do care what happened next. They were almost certainly working on a bioweapon.

Obviously, the infection spread like a wildfire, but let’s zoom into a few of the details.

It’s easily transmissible – some people getting it over lunch, with estimated R0 > 5 (I’ve seen R0 > 8), with superspreaders infecting dozens more – mutating fast, infectious during the prodromal period and, obviously, airborne.

The basic reproduction number R0 is a mathematical construct used to quantify the infectious impact of a disease. R0 = 5 means every case can be expected to generate five more.

The R0 of the more common strains of influenza is below 1.5.

And remember – the flu’s R0 of 1.5 is without any containment measures (flu vaccines are a scam to make your corporate overlords even more money).

The coronavirus had a replication rate several times higher than that of the flu even AFTER draconian containment measures were imposed in Wuhan and much of China.

But the sheer virulence of it isn’t the worse part.

The big, huge, massive difference in the epidemiology of the coronavirus relative to previous epidemics in recent years is the long incubation period recorded for some patients.

While swine, duck and unicorn flu had an incubation period of several days, this thing can hide for WEEKS while being perfectly contagious.

Don’t listen to the CDC, WTO and the MSM. The few competent enough to understand the gravity of the situation don’t want you to panic.

Because they know what will happen to the economy and the hospital system when the pandemic kicks in. They want to “trickle in” the contagion and delay public containment measures as much as possible (so the oligarchy can sell their stocks to your pension fund before all hell breaks loose) rather than allow people to prepare.

Everybody is doing 14-day quarantines, when they know well that the prodromal period is much longer. The long incubation period is no conspiracy theory, and no secret to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention. It’s been publicized in the top medical journals for weeks now. The “evidence” is overwhelming, and clear as the light of a summer night in Iceland.

Why am I droning on about the long incubation period?

It’s not because it makes containment impossible (which it totally does) – especially when the authorities don’t want actual containment.

It’s because it gets at what this missive is really about.

That’s right. We haven’t even got to the ACTUAL bad news yet.

Here’s what we see from clinical reports.

People remain asymptomatic for extended periods before getting severely sick. Others get symptoms but “recover” without major treatment. Children and young people seem much less impacted by the virus than the elderly – at least in the unreliable Chinese data.

Why unreliable?

Not just because everybody and their aunt is lying to the public and each other.

In conditions of lockdown, it makes sense that the elderly would be the first to send to hospital while parents stay behind to take care of the only child.

But still does not account for the lower morbidity and mortality among children. Why not take your kid to hospital if it gets sick?

As you may well know, most infectious diseases affect disproportionately BOTH children and the elderly. Why is the wuhan any different?

Most of this comes directly from medical research and official accounts. It gets even more interesting when you dig through social media and case studies.

One thing that stands out is how often doctors and reporters make note that there’s high morbidity and mortality among people RETURNED to the hospital. That shouldn’t be surprising but somehow it shows up a lot, like it’s “impressive”.

Secondary infections are causing people to die of heart and lung failure.

Here’s the kicker.

They aren’t secondary infections. The wuhan is a clinical analogue to a HIV-like retrovirus.

Now, don’t get your panties in a bunch. Unlike HIV, it’s probably curable, but still it’s very, very dangerous and deadly.

Like HIV, the wuhan coronavirus is an RNA virus, which makes it highly mutable. (Expect unprovoked denials from public officials, academics and MSM about there being “no evidence the virus is mutating”.) All retroviruses, such as HIV, are RNA viruses too – that’s part of the definition of a retrovirus.

From the reams of medical data which came out in January, Indian researchers found that the coronavirus shared genetic similarities with HIV.

The Indian research team said upfront that the coronavirus’s RNA molecule had “HIV inserts”.

In other words, HIV traits had been inserted through genetic splicing in the lab.

The Indian team were forced to retract their paper after much outrage and “debunking” by the MSM and the academic establishment.

One of the conspiracy theories was that the strands of HIV had been spliced into a garden-variety beta-coronavirus to make it extra contagious and deadly.

I ignored all that because I was interested in contagion and epidemiology. Because contagion was the top priority to care about, and epidemiology is much better for that than looking at undecipherable genetics.

But about 2-3 weeks ago, I already had established that the pandemic cannot be stopped. That gave me the headspace to sample more widely. I went on compiling the larger project I’ve promised you since last week to expose everything conclusively with mainstream data and research. I was able to absorb a lot of clinical data, which gave me more information about the clinical development of the wuhan disease itself.

Then a couple of days ago, it all became crystal clear.

The simplest explanation that easily fits everything together in a neat little package – the infectiousness, incubation, progression, lethality, weird DNA data, everything – is that we’re dealing with a retrovirus-like infection clinically very similar and genetically related to HIV.

The pattern of HIV infection just fits too well with what we know about the Chinese coronavirus from the last few weeks.

For most victims, the initial HIV infection can be completely asymptomatic or easily take 3-4 weeks to “show up”. Just as for those infected with the Chinese coronavirus.

What are some common symptoms of early-stage HIV infection?


“Just the flu.”

In the early incubation stage, the viral load skyrockets as HIV replicates and takes over the immune system. But there is immune response – if you have the immune system for it – as the body learns to fight the virus at least to some extent.

The HIV patient is virulent and contagious soon after getting infected. Symptoms or no symptoms. Just as with the “novel” coronavirus.

And just as with the coronavirus, the symptoms go away for most patients with decent immune systems. Then HIV enters its latency period, in which the virus gradually chews through the victim’s immune system. Which could take years and decades even without antiretroviral drugs.

The other thing about HIV is that in the early days tests were time-consuming and unreliable. The Chinese have said repeatedly that their coronavirus tests are only 30-50% accurate. Published papers show patients who have been provably ill and still tested negative for the proteins of the virus. Multiple times.

Very, very similar to HIV during its early incubation period.

Here’s something else you probably didn’t know.

The Chinese are experimenting with all sorts of antivirals, including heavy-duty antiretroviral meds. I’ve heard HIV drugs being recommended from a variety of apocryphal sources online.

When the “cooks” on fringe websites and in the DMs start agreeing with mainstream doctors and the CCP (or CDC, or WHO, or your local “health” “authority” – watch out for this as the pandemic unfolds), you know you’re in trouble.

Before you lose your head, take a moment to hear how the coronavirus is DIFFERENT from HIV.

It doesn’t attack your immune system, certainly not like HIV.

The coronavirus seems to prefer cells in the lungs, heart muscle, kidneys and testes. I don’t know about you, but to me this sounds like a bioweapon. “If you don’t kill them, at least make them sterile.”

Victims often die of a “cytokine storm” – the result of overproduction of immune cells intended to fight the virus. Chinese doctors have been prescribing immunosuppressants such as steroids to coronavirus patients in critical condition to prevent them from being killed by their own immune system.

A cytokine storm can kill a flu patient too, but it’s much less frequent. And – this bears repeating – the flu is much less contagious than the coronavirus is.

Another common morbidity is myocarditis – damage to the heart muscle. People with any sort of heart condition are at greater risk of complications and death. I suspect that over time the pandemic will morph into an epidemic of heart disease as people’s hearts are literally eroded by the infection.

Some mawron academic recently suggested on soycial media that people should just go ahead and get infected to get immunity.


Understand that mawron academics and deceitful government officials are the enemy in this, and you should not trust anything they say. Journalists are klueless idiots and in cahoots with their bureaucrat friends.

Doctors are the only ones who might help you, but they will start dying soon.

You are responsible now more than ever for taking care of yourself, your family and your community.

You don’t have to believe or even understand any of this.

All you have to get is this one thing.


Yes, you’re probably just delaying the inevitable, but that’s the point. You don’t want to be among the early infected.

This is not the flu. It’s a chronic disease.

You don’t want to get permanent organ damage, lose years of life expectancy or fracking die of the coronavirus like a loser. You want to stick this out until vaccines and real cures are developed.

Don’t believe the knews that children and young people get away unscathed.

  1. They become asymptomatic hosts who will probably develop organ damage over time.
  2. The virus is mutating.

Testing materials are still massively unreliable. In China as well as in the US. The CDC has been an exemplar of incompetence and passivity, especially when compared to Japan and Korea.

Which right now implies one top priority.

Buy a fracking face mask – the N99 military grade – and wear it.

Here’s a link:

Don’t wait. The masks I bought are already out of stock.

Better yet, buy a full face bandana and goggles that cover your entire face and eyes.

Assume this thing is transmitted through everywhere.

Because it is.

If you want to support me and keep getting real information, you can become a patreon here:

As always, if you have questions, requests or something important to share – email me right away. I read every message.

I will write soon with detailed tips for getting through this and the final version of the research note.

Absolutely do not panic. Because panic is pathetic.


Your Daemon

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