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Hustle up to get out of the hustle

Growing up, 2pac was one of my favorite artists.

I had all his albums. I loved the music and I deeply appreciated his savvy managing to balance his artist hustle and artistic authenticity.

What he produced never sounded the same, yet all of it was very 2pac. And it sold like warm crumpets on a wet English Saturday.

But he overstayed his welcome.

He made fame, made money, but kept on hustling.

So he got shot.


Just like that.

If you keep fighting the last war, you will lose. That’s a guarantee.

There is no endpoint. There’s no final success – only opportunities to go farther and grow bigger. We need to grow up from our past. We need to graduate from our old ways – from what gave us success and contentment.

Nothing is permanent. Nothing lasts forever. You lead change or change leads you.

And breaks you.

  • You may be hustling in your personal life – with friends and family.
  • You may be hustling in your business – with partners and customers.
  • You may be hustling in your inner work – with your own demons.

All that is just keeping the pieces together.

And keeping the pieces together isn’t a strategy. It’s torture – of yourself and others. You can only keep it up for so long.

Your hustle should have but one goal – to stop hustling as soon as possible and move to a dynamic where your mission and principles lead the way.

Have a mission and a strategy, a plan, a set of principles to guide you.

This is how you win life.

Light it up.


Your Daemon

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