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Engineering of the Mind

Last updated on 2023.06.06

Self-improvement doesn’t work out for most people.

Because they don’t know how actions translate into results that feed more forward action.

Actions can begin with a tiny little shift in attitude. If you will just stop grinding on, mentally, about how bad things could turn out.

You actually don’t have to believe anything. Just unbelieve the garbage you’ve been feeding yourself, and get moving.

What can yield the fastest results for someone looking to make a change?

  1. Attitude (instant)
  2. Food, water, fasting (days to weeks)
  3. Exercise/working out (days to months)
  4. Meditation, mentality, systems etc. (months and years)
  5. Skill acquisition and work experience (many months and years)

Most people fixate on the most difficult, most uncertain, most time-consuming things: career and education. No wonder so many become fat miserable failures.

It’s not just that most people aren’t trained to forgo instant gratification.

We often tend to ignore what brings the fastest genuine results that can act as positive reinforcement for the next step forward, and the next, and the next.

Get going from the simplest and the fastest, which is attitude. You can change it this very moment.


Mind is movement.

That’s how you got your big sapiens brain.

That’s literally where it evolved FROM and what it evolved FOR.

Mind is made of movement. So if you want to change how it works – and permanently – where should you invest the most to get the most solid results?

Think of your attitude, feelings, emotions as internal “mental movement” – the sort that you have the most control over. You can literally choose how to feel at one moment regardless of what’s happening around you. Simply decide to feel in the specific way that serves you best. All it takes is effort and Awareness.

(Repressing or denying your feelings is the wrong way to be in charge. Awareness is necessary to assert control. You must understand your feelings – what they are and where they come from – to be in the best position to choose your attitudes consistently. You won’t understand them if you don’t accept them.)

Your intentional stance about your own mentality physically rewires your brain when practiced persistently.

You reinforce this practice by choosing deliberately the food and the movement your brain is made of. Think of the brain this way: the food is the bricks and the action (physical or mental) is the mortar that organizes them in the desired shape.

Stop the self-defeating thinking, stop having sugary breakfast cereals and go do half an hour of cardio every day.

Beginning isn’t hard. It really isn’t.

Focus on the action as an outcome in itself, not on the results. Mold your attitude in the moment of action intentionally. You will soon discover you can likewise mold the results.

The payoffs are almost instantaneous.

Yes, you can still get unsettled from facing a new situation or adjusting to basic fasting metabolism. But you also have the energy of immediate positive experience to lean on.

Everything you do should have movement embedded at the earliest stage possible, however small that movement may be. Movement allows your instincts to kick in – and tell you if it feels right before you’ve had a chance to overthink it.

Like all things, reading your instincts is something you have to learn. And train.

You’ll make a lot of mistakes but it’s worth it.

When you want to make big and permanent change to your life, you start with the movement, the foundation of the edifice. Then use thinking, books to amplify it and refine it: the roof, the windows, the furniture etc.

What can you do RIGHT NOW?

Change how you feel about yourself and the world around you. Make a shift of attitude.

This is not about believing anything. It’s the simple observation that you can keep feeling like mediocre garbage or choose to feel otherwise.

This is what attitude is about. How you approach yourself, your life, the world around you. Attitude colors everything you think and do.

Attitude is our starting position and vantage point.

Stop thinking the worst – unless you do it deliberately to immunize yourself.

Overthinking it helped no-one. Think BIG instead. You’ve got nothing to lose from that.

Then do something about it. Let it be a little step. And maybe even a “safe” one. Plot your global domination as soon as you get the rush of having accomplished something towards it. Such as skipping sugar and breakfast.

This is how you begin. And there’s no end to it.

Sky’s the limit?

No, it isn’t.

Not at all.


Last night I had a choice. I could stay home. Because it was raining cats and dogs. Because I had been drinking and writing all day. Because I didn’t feel like shaving and showering and going out on a noisy Friday night, and after 20 hours of work. Because the woman I want is almost certainly taken.

The excuses were infinite.

I chose otherwise. I chose what I knew was Right, what was “true” to who I am and who I want to be. And this entire missive wrote itself on the dumbphone. With Her right here.

This is what life is like when every day is better than the next.

You go big or go graveyard.

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Never stop,


Your Daemon

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