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Chuck of the damned

Before getting murdered, in 1998 Chuck Palahniuk’s father kept asking him for an introduction to Wynona Rider.

Chuck kept on thinking: “I’m not gonna introduce my father to Wynona Rider because I know he’s gonna hit on her. And I would be mortified to witness my father hitting on Wynona Rider.”

Chuck’s father had been obsessing and talking about how pretty she was, and how he wanted to meet her.

And when Chuck heard the news that his father was killed by a white supremacist in the mountains of Idaho, one of his first thoughts was:

“I’m off the hook about that thing about Wynona Rider.”

When I heard this story, I couldn’t stop laughing. Because we all do this.

Your Mind should be able to do like Chuck’s. It could be less, it could be more, but everyone must be able to take these odd angles even to the most tragic events.

That’s just evolution, looking to overcome and move on, to find a way out or squeeze a gain out even in the face of disaster.

Remember this one thing and never forget it.

Your brain is the most amazing Random Boolsheat Generator nature ever created.

Here’s how you can use this as a technique for ADVANCEMENT, especially in the toughest moments.

Next time you’re between a rock and a hard place, take a step back. Allow yourself to be unsettled, so these strange thoughts can flow in.

Get a pen and paper and write your thoughts and ideas down. Do this as quickly as you can, so you can make room for the next thought. Let the list grow. Don’t analyze. Just push forward.

When you have a longer list or have run of crazy thoughts, go after them one at a time. Take turns forcing on a single item and see where your rambling Mind leads you:

  1. Is there someone you should call right now?
  2. Something you’ve wanted to do for a long time that you haven’t?
  3. Something that you keep doing or thinking but you clearly must drop forever?
  4. Something bothering you about your business or career?
  5. Does a person come up who’s been an energy sink to your life and should be removed?

Allow yourself to be uncomfortable.

Allow yourself to think crazy and socially unacceptable.

Push yourself to transform your list of rambling thoughts into a list of ACTIONS you can take immediately and MOVE.

Remember that these actions could be completely disconnected from what prompted you to use the technique. And it doesn’t matter one bit.

First, your instincts may be leading you to important insights about how to fix the specific problem. And none of it may be obvious to you.

Second, even if there is no hidden connection, getting on with improving your life is the best thing you can do anyway. And MOVEMENT will make you feel better and make you deal with your situation better.

Just remember not to run from or repress your feelings. Make sure you’ve digested them, even as you take ruthless action.

When asked to help determine the sentence for his father’s murderer, Chuck asked for the death penalty.

And Chuck is one of the most soft-spoken and considerate people I’ve seen.

Trust your instincts,


Your Daemon


Keys to Power:

  • Trust your instincts. The “random” thoughts that come up frequently or unexpectedly are often telltale signs of what you should or should not do.
  • If you are conflicted or distracted about what you’re doing, simply list whatever thoughts come to your mind to promote clarity and focus. Don’t analyze, just push forward with your list until you run out of the flotsam crowding your thoughts, so that unconscious processes and ideas become articulate.


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