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Always Be Closing

The ABC of master salesmanship is commonly misunderstood, by layman and professional alike.

Many people harbor the delusion that closing a sale is about cheap tactics, distractions, funnels, filters and who knows what else. That’s how shallow hacks pursue objectives. It’s an adversarial approach to life and career that can only leave you exhausted and lacking, a shell without content.

Don’t get me wrong. Learning good sales techniques and tools is invaluable, but they remain hollow and tiresome without genuine value and understanding.

Novices see closing as an endpoint to which you have to drag the customer. The master salesman closes the sale before the pitch has even started.

When you have mastered your ABCs, you don’t have to look for customers – they come to you. And you don’t need to convince them to buy anything – they already want to buy. Because your reputation and accomplishment. You are the prize in the interaction, not the buyer.

Why am I unsettling you with a sermon about sales?

Because it’s not about sales.

It goes beyond “everything is a sale”. It applies directly in every walk of life, like a constitution applies directly – without need for further legislation. And dominates all else.

The best “game” in any field manifests as no game at all. When you embody excellence – personally and professionally – you forget about game because it doesn’t come up. Your game has become your way of Being, it’s Integral to who you are.

Always Be Closing is about aligning every action and decision to your Vision of Yourself.

ABC is about embodying your goals, your values, your Vision, about having them guide everything you do. It’s the exact opposite of a hurried last-minute pushy needy sales pitch.

It’s the ABC of fulfilling your calling and your life’s work in a very literal way. And one of the best mantras you can have.

  • Always be closing on your objectives.
  • Always be closing on the life you want.
  • Always be closing on who you want to be.

Always Be Closing means that your eyes are always on the long game, and everything you do in the moment is motivated by that Vision and steeped in timeless principles. When you apply the ABC correctly, nothing that you do distracts from the path, no condition can make you deviate. ABC ensures your every action is in the Timeless Way.

I’m telling you all this on the eve of a weekend because that’s when people subject to weekday semantics are most tempted to let up on their objectives. If you have a cubicle job, the temptation to throw your hands up and do nothing is very real.

I’ve been there. And I’m the last person to urge you to serve some corporate overlord better. This is not the point at all.

But ask yourself this.

Will slacking off bring you closer to who you want to be?

It may feel like liberation, but it’s how you perpetuate your enslavement and dependency on someone else’s will. Your “free” time is what you can leverage to get a better life.

Everything of value requires sacrifice. Your self-discipline and application today and tomorrow can pay off for many years of freedom down the line. Call it compounding, call it law of attraction, call it authenticity, call it whatever semantics you want. The fact is that it works.

So, next time you feel like letting up and slacking off, be reminded of this.

Always Be Closing,


Your Daemon


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Keys to Power:

  • Your Vision must underpin everything you do moment to moment. Small everyday actions, not big dramatic gestures, are the building blocks of sustained growth and success.
  • The Always Be Closing mode of Being makes you impervious to distractions and setbacks, and always ready to pounce at opportunities. It’s how you make your own luck.

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