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24 tips and tricks to be more like me


Just don’t.

Don’t ever try to be someone else.

You can learn from other people, but you must adapt that knowledge to yourself – your mission, your desires, your objectives.

Now, this is not some feel-good positive-thinking motivational BS. It’s a fundamental principle of success in whatever you decide to do – with yourself for yourself.

A big part of this email thing is to help you never need motivation ever again.

People who need motivation are people fated to be losers in life.

Because they don’t have the fervent desire to be themselves, whatever that may come to.

They don’t have principles to streamline their decisions and keep them moving forward. They don’t lead themselves. They don’t have DRIVE.

A lot of this comes down to cognitive type. Some people are born with what we call “willpower” and direction towards their objectives. Most aren’t. Which is why it’s so important to find a mission, a calling and fervent desire to feed your ascent. But more on that another time.

Understand that I’m not trying to sell you on some rugged-individualism “masculinity” overcompensating-for-an-inferiority-complex fad. Don’t make me laugh.

You do You.

This applies to men and women alike. If you don’t do you, and resolutely, you’ll have a miserable and lonely life.

Your dream life could be to be a housewife with 17 kids, and it doesn’t make one bit of a difference. To have that the way you want to have it, you still have to lead yourself to it. And have it on your terms, not on someone else’s. Otherwise you end up with the white picket fence and the 17 kids, and still lonely and miserable.

You must have standards, and You are the measure of all things.

In your life, You are the standard.

Authenticity sets you up for success in your personal relationships, in business, in any skill you choose to master.

When you make sure all those things fit You, you leave much less room for doubt and second-guessing. No compromises = tight fit. When something fits you well, it’s drawn to you and you are drawn to it. It sticks. Consistently.

It’s much easier to move and make an effort to get what you really WANT, not things you think you want or should want.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Authenticity is not a license for entitlement and temper tantrums. It requires humility. Without humility, you can never be honest with yourself about what you want and where you can improve and grow.

And if you think authenticity is just a buzzword I’m throwing at you, think a year back. Were people talking up authenticity back then?

Because that’s when I went on Twitter and started doing what I’m doing.

Let that sink in nice and cozy.

Until next time,


Your Daemon

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