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What are you all doing here?

I’ve been preaching about having a mission. And a strategy, and principles, and a plan.

Only way to lead is by example. Through action.

So here goes mine.

When I decided to take to Twitter a year ago, I had no plan at all. Only a mission – to give back out of gratitude for the life I’ve had.

I wanted to share what experience had taught me. All the things I’ve had to learn the hard way. So you don’t have to. So you have a shot at becoming more than I ever could.

Most people are lost in the nitty-gritty of daily life. They struggle. But life doesn’t have to be like that – if only you take responsibility and decide to make the necessary effort.

Life can be Exalted.

Mindset books, courses and social-media drivel come a dime a dozen. Less than a dime.

This is not about mindset, it’s not about a singular, fixed, rigid approach to life and yourself. It’s about Mind as it is – dynamic and evolving, always growing, onward and upward.

I give you the tools, you do the rest.

The critical big-picture skills and knowledge fall in three broad categories:

  • useful models and paradigms about Mind and how it works
  • understanding Cognitive Type and development
  • techniques for mind management and use

This is much bigger than it seems. And tougher. And worth it.

You can get it all synthesized in one place only here. I wish there were a book that at least outlined how to maximize Mind. There isn’t and I don’t know that I’ll ever write one. The priority is the practice that you can build out of this.

Some emails will give you information directly, others will show you examples and practices, still others will be mind grenades to open up more space for your Power of Mind. The ideal missive would be a mix of things, so feel free to be puzzled. That’s part of the process.

You will get the most of this, and it will work the fastest, if you read the emails daily. Feel free to get back to things you like, but make an effort to read the email every day.

It’s about the immersion and the subliminal activation you’ll get out of it. Which is intended to propel you forward in your own life.

With every email, I will make an effort to stir your energy for the day. Without any positive-thinking bullshit and motivational gimmicks.

There are a lot of specific skills that will start popping into your inbox over time:

  • writing, persuasion and communication
  • cognitive type and development
  • personal finance
  • crypto
  • nutrition and health
  • everyday technology
  • fitness
  • books
  • sales and marketing
  • business and negotiation

But principles and fundamentals first. The Power of Mind will always be the priority because it’s of the greatest value to all.

Don’t expect to get the garbage products and amateur sales tactics of some email kid. No half-baked online courses either. The emails are the course. From the outset, I intended this to be for a select few who are genuinely committed to investing in themselves. That was the idea long before I had any inkling of doing a mailing list.

You may have noticed I don’t do cheap clickbait tweets to maximize my followership on twitter. Because I don’t want to maximize it. I don’t want lo-awarenes noise anywhere near my work. The pests don’t last, as you can see from my mentions.

This applies thrice as hard to the emails you’ll get. No-BS authenticity or nothing. Which is also the standard you should hold me to. If you’re here just for entertainment, please leave, so I don’t have to make you leave.

I might pitch an affiliate product to you only if it’s of truly exceptional value. And if it comes from someone with integrity. And if I or someone I trust has tested it and there’s zero doubt about its quality. So, highly unlikely. And no junk.

The same standards I apply to my subscribers. I don’t want flakes, whiners and cheapskates on this list. You can benefit from what we do here only if you’re on a level already, and you’re determined to level higher up. Otherwise don’t waste your time and mine, and unsubscribe now.

If you come with the rest of us for this journey, please understand that nobody’s perfect.

Which is the point of all this.

And why I value your feedback, questions and suggestions. Keep them coming – I read them all.


Your Daemon



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