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IMPORTANT: Do NOT use this payment page if you are an existing client. Do NOT use this payment page if you did not receive an invitation by email from me.

How it works:

1. First, we set up an introductory call to assess how I can help you. This call can easily become our first coaching/consulting session if your needs and readiness are obvious.

2. If I determine that I cannot help you and do not take you on as a continuing client, you will receive a full refund for the introductory session, less any transaction costs imposed by third parties.

3. Clients and applicants must install and use Wire secure messaging for all our calls. Wire is free and available on all major platforms.

4. Unless you are subscribing for on-call service, no client calls with less than 24 hours’ notice. All regular coaching sessions must be scheduled in advance by email.

5. No coaching calls shorter than 30 minutes.

6. No coaching calls longer than 90 minutes.

7. No coaching calls that have not been paid in advance.

8. I reserve the right to fire clients at any time and for any reason. You will not receive a refund for any unused hours if I determine that you are sabotaging the process intentionally. I make that determination entirely at my discretion.

By paying here you agree to all of the above terms.

If you are ready to make the jump and level up, you can pay for your first call below.

Make your choice

I will contact you to schedule the session as soon as your payment clears. If you don’t receive from me within 48 hours of payment, email me at the usual address.