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Getting Taylor Swift’s number

Last updated on 2019-09-11

Some years ago Taylor Swift got into a lot of hot water for pulling her music from Spotify, an online streaming service I don’t use either.

She pulled her catalogue off Spotify in 2014 because it was offering unpaid ad-supported music streaming.

Pay close attention because this is important.

Asked why she did it, Taylor said the music had ‘value’.

Obviously, every outrage junkie out there thot she wanted more money. Hot water delivered.

It’s no accident that outrage junkies are the most alienated and unhappy people. And it’s not like they don’t have competition among the lo-awarenes mass. They were obviously deaf and blind to the message that was being delivered.

Swiftie was teaching people a lesson in authentic connection. She knows what’s up.

Connection requires sacrifice.

We wind ourselves together the same way we build ourselves in our personal lives.

Growth takes sacrifice. We are born many and we must choose to become One. Every step towards wholeness and wholesomeness calls on you to discard some behaviour that does not serve you, that is not authentically of You.

When you are fractured and broken, you adopt toxic behaviours in order to sedate yourself and avoid doing the real work. Avoidance is a game everyone plays – some so well that they have the self-awareness of a rotting tree stump.

You must dump the toxic behaviours before you can direct your energy towards weaving together your authentic behaviours into a coherent Character. Nothing you do is authentic until you deliberately choose it.

The same applies to connection.

To have authentic connection, you must stop meeting people with avoidance. You cannot speak loud and clear with a bunch of pacifiers out of your mouth.

The things you do to comfort yourself – like a baby – crowd out the things that make a strong Character.

You build authentic connection by choosing deliberately how you behave with that person, who you are around that person, what experience you create together with that person.

You get rid of all the habits and behaviours that do not belong in your Vision of that connection just like you get rid of all the habits and behaviours that do not belong in your Vision of Yourself when you shape your Character.

This is why disneyfication is the death of authentic connection. The idea that connection should be based on some magical ‘spontaneity’ and ‘chemistry’ kills the impulse to create the real value that comes from sacrificing avoidance and ego.

Nothing has value in itself. Value comes from sacrifice. It is something you Create.

Taylor gets it. She didn’t want her music to be given away for free because she viscerally Knew it would undermine the connection with her fans.

When you buy a song or album, you have to make a deliberate choice to sacrifice some money. When you get it for free with everything else on your streamer, the music becomes little more than background noise.

If you didn’t pay for it, you’re less likely to listen to it and you don’t get the value out of it.

The value is lost.

Which is why I keep reminding subscribers to become supporters on Patreon. Here’s the link to make a pledge right now:

Understand that the value isn’t just some extra content or access to me.

The value is in your commitment and sacrifice – to put the content to work for Yourself.

When you make a sacrifice, however small, you create value for yourself. Sacrificing comfort and your avoidance, especially when done repeatedly, creates powerful imprints in our minds. It drives us to MOVE in a direction we can choose.

We like money because it gives us comfort psychologically more than physically.

When you become a supporter, the sacrifice you make also makes you more likely to put in the real work to use the content for your betterment.

It’s no surprise that the most inspiring subscriber emails usually come from longtime supporters.

They’ve got Taylor Swift’s number.

Here’s a fantastic note I got just last week, when I asked you to tell me what value you get from the emails:


Here are a few takeaways from your e-mail list that altered my life for the better:

1. Nutrition, fasting and being Aware of what I eat

–  I can go three days without food, no problem. My colleagues and family think I’m weird for fasting. The cognitive and health benefits to fasting are mind-blowing.

2. Having a Vision

– I’m going through Air Force pilot training right now, and your Visioning e-mails have helped guide me towards a conscious and deliberate choice of lifestyle and future airframe that aligns with my desires.

3. Putting to words what is subconsciously known

– A great example of this was yesterday’s email on working with one’s hands and having a physical effect on one’s environment. Physical activity certainly relaxes me; seeing how that applies to other handcraft only confirmed your constant reminder about the importance of Movement. People know movement is necessary, yet don’t do it…




Robert, I am grateful for your support but I am doubly grateful that you use the missives to KICK HARSE.

If I didn’t know better, I would be proud to receive an email like this.

For the rest of you, here’s the link to become a supporter like Robert:

Use it if you are serious about getting yourself to MOVE.

Or don’t.

Much love,


Your Daemon


PS: If you are prepared to do the work for what you truly want, you can also apply for my coaching services here:

So far I’ve been consulting people on marriage and relationships, psychological trauma, careers and business by referral only. For the first time, I’m making these services available to a broader audience.








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