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Enter here for a chance to WIN (limited-time offer)

I am helping raise some money for a young man who got severely injured while working on his parents’ farm.

To help spread the word and crush the Twitter algo, I’m also running a sweepstakes – no purchase required.

Takes a minute to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win – and do something Right. Read the rules carefully!

Luis Mario was doing some cleaning work at the family’s farm when he activated a fire extinguisher. The young man didn’t know that the extinguisher had been there for 10 years, aged and oxidized. It exploded in his face and he was knocked unconscious immediately.

He was taken to hospital with 6% oxygen – almost dead. He received a tracheotomy and maxillofacial surgery to reconstruct a portion of his jaw.

His condition hasn’t improved since being transferred to the ICU. He needs a full course of treatment for the cerebral edema that he is presenting. He also needs to be transferred to another hospital for more surgery to reconstruct the rest of his jaw.

We need to raise at least $50,000 to cover the cost of his treatment.

You can donate at this link if you want:

(Gods do.)

Every dollar you can spare brings us closer to the goal of giving Luis a second chance at life. Given his condition, you’d probably be saving his life in a very literal sense.

If you’re dirt-poor or stingy, you can still enter the sweepstakes by taking a minute to help spread the word.

I will give away one annual membership to my newsletter (yes, it’s going paid at the end of the month) for every 100 retweets.

PLUS the winner(s) will get one-year access to The Vault – the full archive of 500+ missives on fasting, business, mentality, physicality, sales, relationships – years of my life’s work.

Every. Single. Missive.

The Vault will be priced in the hundreds of dollars if it ever becomes available to the public. You can get it for FREE.

To get included in the sweepstakes:

Go to my Twitter profile. I have pinned a thread with the gofundme link explaining Luis’s situation here:

  1. Retweet the top tweet.
  2. Like the top tweet.
  3. Comment below the top tweet with your Twitter handle.

Do all three by the end of Friday 2020.10.23 EDT.

Let’s break that algorithm all the way to $100K in donations!

No purchase/donation required to enter.

I will be immensely grateful if we make this happen for Luis.

With thanks,


Your Daemon


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