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2018.12.01 – What People Want and How You Come Out Ahead

Fact, and you know it – unless you’ve been in a coma for most of your own life.

People want to be told what to think.

They need to be told it.

I didn’t come up with this revelation. Jeff Gundlach did.

In addition to being a known savage among financial commentators, Gundlach runs one of the largest bond funds in the world.

Is a gazillionnaire, too, obviously.

Jeff is always entertaining, so I recently listened to one of his interviews. He was telling a story about how it took the markets two days to digest that a certain class of bonds would go stratospheric when interest rates fell through the floor.

It was an obvious fact and Gundlach bought those bonds with both hands – and a few feet. He made a 20% profit in 2 days.

That’s right: it took the market two more days to catch up.


That’s an eternity on the markets.

But it was obvious that these bonds would go nuts the moment they said interest rates would stay at zero for years.

Why the fracking delayed reaction then?

Here’s the quote from Jeff:

there’s this gap in time when people want to make sure they read it on some crawler somewhere – that was telling them it’s confirmed and it’s safe that they’re not going to be wrong alone.

People need to receive the confirmation, get the approval of the herd.

So that there’s no chance of being wrong alone.

People need to read it in the fracking news before they will take action.

The very moment I heard this, it struck me – I realized why people so often found me imposing and decisive and powerful.

It had always puzzled me somewhat.

(Only somewhat because obviously there are too few men about and too many soyboys.)

When I was young, I always wanted to get other people in on decision making – if they would be affected by the decision. Or I would give them information about my plans.

Seemed only fair.

As a kid, I did it out of timidity, and from college on I still did it for a while – out of consideration. I waited for people to participate and decide together. Because after all, you can’t know what other people want every moment in time.

Until one day I realized something else.


Let that sink in.

Most people are so lo-awarenes that most of the time they don’t know what the frack they want.

From that day on, I stopped waiting and started leading. By default.

I wouldn’t let another second of my time be wasted by twakking idiots.

Who need to twak for half an hour and call 3 people just to decide which $12 wine to buy for dinner.

Before people have even started twakking about what to do, I’m already taking action.

Sometimes I’ve even finished taking action.

Take a wild guess how many times this has backfired or I’ve got complaints.

That’s right.

Exactly ZERO.

Because people want to be told what to think. Because they will rather have most decisions made for them. Because they won’t fracking bother figuring out what they want.

If you want to advance in life, and quickly, understand this simple fact.

Your Vision and principles render about 99% of decisions insignificant and inconsequential. There is no reason to waste even a second of consideration on them. Toss a coin if you have to, but move without thinking, let alone twakking and shearing with 12 people about it.

This approach will automatically put you ahead of 99.99% of the mass.

It will make you charismatic.

It will make you attractive.

It will even make you fearsome to some.

Which is fine, because you’re better off keeping cowards and weaklings away.

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