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2018.12.02 – The Most Potent Everyday Mind Shift towards Mental Health and Cognitive Power

If I wasn’t absolutely SHAMELESS I’d probably be a tad embarrassed about this.

I would have been embarrassed to have realized it only after so many years of studying the mind-body and taking mental and physical performance to new extremes.

When I was I kid, I used to have panic attacks.

I’d literally pass out, drop down like a sack of potatoes, completely out of the blue.

Sometimes it was in public places with lots of strangers about, other times it was in the “safety” of home when I was all on my own.

At the time, I had no idea what was happening to me. I only made the connection with the phrase “panic attacks” long after I had stopped having any.

And I had stopped having any because I had, unwittingly, cured the panic attacks.

As early as I could think of psychology and the unconscious, I knew the panic attacks didn’t come from anything immediately visible in Mind.

Sometimes they would sneak up on me exactly when I felt like I had everything under control. I would feel perfectly confident and deliberate about what I was doing – and still get knocked down out of nowhere.

This is how I sensed the uninvited guests were coming from unconscious processes most people would think cannot be affected or dealt with directly, driven by something unalterable about your personality.

I thought otherwise.

And I dug deeper into the study of psychology and of my own mind.

I went past my own insecurities and prejudices about who I was and how the world was supposed to be.

I went past my own beliefs and learnt to have as few as possible.

I went past my pride and identity, and cultivated the habit of merciless honesty with oneself first.

I went past the piles of semantic hogwash the culture throws at you to cover up its cowardly inability of honest self-awareness (morality, meaning, soul, science and so on).

And so I went past depression, left behind insecurity and forgot the panic attacks.

I’m not saying any of that in self-congratulation. I’m saying it in recognition that it was a lot of hard fracking work, mistakes and setbacks.

It’s been a long journey.

Along which I discovered that mainstream pseudoscience and medicine knows nothing about the mind-body, about what makes it healthy and what makes it EXCEL.

Mind is of movement.

I told you so in Antifragility of the Mind, and many times since.

Intensive physical activity, and especially running, is a great way to improve mental health and performance.

More and more people are waking up to this fact. And we’ll make sure even morer will.

But it wasn’t until a few days ago that I realized the rabbit hole goes much deeper.

It’s not just any movement that takes you to another level.

Don’t do this experiment:

  • work out regularly and eat well;
  • stick to an extremely rigid daily routine, making sure your every hour is carefully marked for weeks on (preferably with a 9-to-5 job and a long commute).

Why not?

Because if you do these same things for 2-3 weeks, you’ll see how you can get unhappy and depressed with all the good food and exercise in the world. And you’ll reach for comfort food and a weekend in bed.

Like all things of Mind, the physical is where we lay the foundation, but there is a twist of mentality that takes your physical work to another level, amplifying your POWER manifold.

It’s not just about movement. It’s about movement with direction. And a very particular direction at that.

When I was younger, even long after I had forgotten about having panic attacks, I often felt that there was something missing and fell on “bad times” mentally – got moody and maybe a bit sad, perhaps even borderline depressed.

I had done all the fundamental inner work imaginable, and I couldn’t figure out why I still fell on old patterns.

I thought it was about genetics – cognitive type – and habituation, and there is something to that. (We’ll talk a lot about those comfort death patterns in the series about Cognitive Type that we just started on Patreon – FREE access for everyone.)

But turns out there was more that was escaping my discernment.

Now I know.

Aspiration moves Mind in ways nothing else does.

Every time I can remember when I was driven by a Vision of ambition and accomplishment and aspiration – the insaner, the better – I felt on top of the world, no matter what the “obstacles” or the outcome.

When I didn’t have anything to move towards, I always felt less well than the circumstances would suggest. I’d be stacking cash, but often feel distraught and insufficient. I’d be getting laid and it wouldn’t move the satisfaction needle at all the next day.

This may seem obvious, but pay close attention to what comes next.

It’s easy to assume that you need something larger than yourself or a collective good or of a timeless value to aspire to.

That’s what lo-awarenes “wokes” might tell you.

But that’s not it. And it could be extremely harmful to believe something like that.

You could pick up another piece of garbage the fractured culture throws at you, and carry it for life.

The value is not in the object, but in the mental dynamic towards it. So the aspiration has to be authentic to you.

The object of aspiration doesn’t matter, only the aspiration itself does.

If you don’t have an authentic connection to what you’re doing, if it’s not about what you WANT, it is fake and feeble. You’re going through the motions, but the aspiration “motion” isn’t there.

Understand that this is not a value judgement, but a mental fact.

Think of it this way.

Whenever you sink into a pattern – however beneficial, good, wholesome, profitable, valuable, admirable, – you become subject to a limitation. On a meta-level, your Mind has stopped moving because it’s moving along the same beaten paths.

You fall on hidden sinister stagnation that you may never recognize as one.

When you switch to aspiration mode, you turn the Mind ON to move more and further and newer. Because Mind is antifragile by nature, that pushes it to GROW and get LARGER and STRONGER.

  • You get more ENERGY and you don’t know where it comes from.
  • You need to sleep less because you want to LIVE more.
  • You get more decisive because you have priorities.

The list can keep going and going.

The point is that now you know why the single most powerful things you can do for Yourself and your Mind is to vision daily, and begin the day with your visioning.

Missives are coming about how to vision more effectively for more DRIVE and clarity in your daily life, and for faster advancement.

But none of that would matter more than this: vision every day, and vision deeply.

And go nuts about visioning what you WANT.

The greater the aspiration, the greater the cognitive DRIVE that you will experience every day, the more enhanced your mental energy and power.

The other immediate cognitive gain you can make is found in fasting. It makes you “hungry” in the figurative sense more than the literal – hungry to go after your aspirations, to achieve more, to live more.

That’s why fasting is the object of the first book I’m about to make public. Supporters on Patreon will be the first who will get it – and the ONLY ones to get it in electronic form.

The book will show you how to integrate fasting into your daily life for immense improvement in energy and cognition. When the Patreon community gets to 108 supporters, qualifying patrons will receive an exclusive PDF before it’s released to the public.

If I do sell the book to the public, it will be print ONLY starting at $46. Qualifying patrons are the only ones who will get the PDF special – for FREE.

If you find value in the daily email, you can make a pledge and join the community at this link: There’s loads of content already up.

Your choice – your gainz.


Your Daemon

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