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The Benefits of Coffee

Apparently this is a controversial subject.

And it affects just about everyone, so I decided to do a full missive on it.

Let’s clear the air on the benefits of coffee.

I will start with my personal experience because it’s important to understand my big bias in the matter.

I’ve been drinking coffee for a good 20 years. There’ve been days when I’ve had 20+ cups of coffee. (I didn’t need medical help, thanks for asking.)

I’m not a pretentious coffee drinker, although I know what I like and what I don’t. I simply love the taste of good black coffee hot off the machine or the kettle. It’s not the caffeine high, it’s the bitter taste that’s the real hook for me and the activity as a whole.

Don’t believe me. Last year I mostly bought coffee after dusk. Then proceeded to go to sleep without any issues. If you’re healthy and you work out, you might be able to do the same. But you shouldn’t, and here’s why.

There are no proven benefits of drinking coffee, especially when it comes to health and longevity.

But there are clear and obvious health costs to drinking coffee.

Don’t believe overhyped media articles about the “benefits of coffee” pushed by the PR firms of international conglomerates.

Understand that coffee is a big business and the most popular mass addiction after junk food. Big Coffee and Big Sugar go hand in hand. You only need to walk into a Starbucks or a Dunkin to see what they’re selling and you won’t need a conspiracy theory to understand this.

The coffee “research” quoted by media nincompoops is usually bankrolled by these same corporations that sell you a latte every day for $5+.

I have never seen a single research article describing a reliable medical study that suggests any longevity benefit of coffee beyond pure speculation.

(If you have one, shoot it my way. I’d love to show you how the fraud called “medical research” works.)

Speculation + random data good research does not make.

But throw in a good PR agency and credibility becomes your middle name.

If you have narcolepsy or some other debilitating condition, you’re probably better off chewing nicotine gum or getting a nicotine patch than drinking coffee.

If you’re tired because you’re fat, stop being fat. The coffee you gorge on only makes you hungrier and fatter. Which makes you drink more coffee. See how that works?

I love the taste of coffee.

And I haven’t had a gram of it since last year, almost 6 months. I’ve hardly ever had more energy or better sleep and digestion in my life.

Why is coffee such a bad idea if you care about health, longevity and productivity?

Here are the most obvious reasons, which will also educate you on the bare minimum of how basic metabolism works.

1. Even plain coffee is often riddled with toxins.

Most coffee that you buy – ready-made or in a bag – contains all sorts of undisclosed additives such as oils (including cancerous seed oils), butter, pesticides and, of course, ash from the roasting process, which is a carcinogen.

It’s a lot like drinking a cigarette, but without the excitement and all the coolness points.

(If you’ve had one of Starbuck’s “bold” blends, you know exactly what I’m talking about when I tell you you’re drinking cinders.)

2. Coffee is a diuretic.

So what if you have to go to the bathroom a couple of extra times after you have a cup of joe?

First of all, you get dehydrated. So you’re likely to double down with some sugar fizz because you’re thirsty. Dehydration also makes you sluggish and sleepy, so you might reach for another coffee, and so the cycle begins.

If you’re wondering why you crash after you drink coffee, know that it’s not just overstimulation from the caffeine. You crash because of the dehydration and because of the mineral deficiency that develops after you go to the toilet 15 times.

3. Coffee depletes critical neurotransmitters.

Mineral loss is the other big whammy, and it really builds up with chronic coffee drinkers.

Lifelong coffee addicts literally can’t wake up without their cup of joe in the morning.

How do you expect to be wakeful and alert if you’ve been depleting your critical neurotransmitters for decades?

When you drink coffee, you also expel rare minerals that are essential for brain plasticity and the proper functioning of your neural connections and overall brain function: magnesium, zinc, calcium, sodium, vanadium etc.

A lot of people are already pretty deficient in mineral nutrients because of their poor diets. Getting hooked on diuretics like coffee and fizz makes that worse and chronic.

You’re sleepy and thirsty because you’re deficient. So you reach for more coffee and fizz, and lose even more minerals when you go to the bathroom. So you get sleepier and thirstier.

This downward spiral never ends. I’ve been there, don’t believe me.

4. Coffee is highly acidic.

In fact, coffee is one of the most acidic legal substances that you can ingest (together with fizz and “energy” drinks).

Why is that significant?

One of the few proven ways to increase longevity is to decrease the overall acidity of your body. Cancer and acidosis go hand-in-hand, and that’s just one example.

A more basic consistency in your body (the opposite of acidic) allows your cells to bind free radicals and other potentially harmful molecules, which keeps your cells healthy and sprightly.

I won’t even tell you how many glasses of mineralized water you have to drink to make up for drinking one espresso. It’s simply mindboggling.

5. Coffee blocks the absorption and transmission of critical vitamins and minerals.

Understand that everything you ingest competes for attention from your organs and systems: your digestive tract, your “gut brain”, your bloodstream and your central nervous system.

Coffee disrupts all four of those.

Because it’s so psychoactive and chemically potent, caffeine and other chemicals from your cup of joe displace other minerals in your bloodstream and easily flood your brain.

There they bind to adenosine receptors and parts of the Autonomous Nervous System, leading to anxiety, motor dysfunction and poor judgement. Odds are you don’t even realize coffee makes you likely to make bad decisions.

Worst, caffeine overactivates and depletes your adrenal glands, which are your built-in factories for energy and excitement.

In one fell swoop, both your ability to sleep (adenosine) and your alertness adrenaline) are impaired. With consequences which have consequences.

Coffee does to your wakefulness what junk food does to your satiety. You can’t experience proper sleepiness and alertness – you can’t experience proper hunger and satiety. Your inner senses are dimmed.

And did I mention caffeine also makes you crave junk food?

6. Coffee destroys your teeth.

What do you think will happen to your gums and teeth if you shove acid onto them every morning, and throughout much of the day?

Bad breath, gum disease, cavities and worse.

It’s hard to tell if coffee or cigarettes are worse for your oral health, but they sure are. You’re probably better off not brushing your teeth than drinking coffee every day.

(Please brush your teeth daily. Don’t be a dupe.)

On top of everything, regular coffee consumption can increase your gastric acid, leading to acid reflux and even more acidity in your mouth.

Bad breath and rekt teeth follow close behind.

7. Coffee makes you stupid.

If you’ve been paying attention so far, you may have guessed is already.

What do you think happens to your mind if you’re chronically dehydrated, toxified, deprived of salts and minerals, anxious and underslept?

You literally get dumber, that’s what.

It’s hard to tell which is worse, but coffee addiction is right up there with getting fat when it comes to lifestyle choices that literally lower your intelligence.

And when I say intelligence, I don’t mean your ability to score high on a stupid test. I’m talking about your creativity, resourcefulness, charisma and your overall ability to get your way and get things done.

Caffeine is also chemically close to some of the bases that form your DNA and RNA strands, so it could easily affect more of your constitution than we suspect.

I can’t make you quit your addiction, but please understand this one thing.

If someone tells you that coffee will extend your lifespan, you’re listening to a useful idiot or a brazen charlatan.

If you want to increase your lifespan, absolutely don’t drink coffee.

Don’t drink coffee even if you care more about quality of life.

Coffee is a cheap thrill. With a little imagination, you can find a lot more exciting and less harmful chemicals to abuse.

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Take care and be smart about what you eat and drink. It makes you who you are.

Until next time,


Your Daemon

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