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2018.12.18 – The Worst Daily Habit That Kills Your Drive and Weakens Your Mind

You’ve been conditioned to do something that undermines you every day since early childhood.

You were told by doctors and trained by caretakers to do it on reflex, like a monkey.

You were sold poisonous products by corporations to feed the habit.

You do it without question, every day, blind to the consequences.

I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint the Alex Jones fans among you, but I’m not talking about using fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth.

I’m not talking about masturbation either, although that’s probably a close second. And I sure hope it’s not something doctors and teachers told you to do.

Remember this email next time you reach for your breakfast cereal.

Remember also that you don’t need to eat breakfast. Unless of course you have a debilitating genetic disease or something.

Breakfast, which you have been conditioned by family, friends, corporations, ads, teachers, quackademics and even priests to eat every day, saps your energy.

It also sets you up for a day of consumerist misery.

Every. Fracking. Day.


You eat cereals for breakfast (without ever having actually fasted) and you get a sugar spike and then a crash, as you commute to work.

So you get a $5 latte on the way to the job you hate.

Another sugar spike, if you have any insulin sensitivity left at all, and then crash again by the time you get to work.

Your day has barely started and it’s like you’ve pounded your mind with a baseball bat.

Laced with barbed wire.

Then you wonder why you’re distracted, depressed and dysfunctional all day long.

You get “full” and block up your gut “brain” with lazy digestion (or, worse, fast digestion of inflammatory catrbohydrates). So you wonder why your day is slow and you can’t think, make decisions or find “motivation”.

(Even the job you hate you might hate only because you’re too breakfast-sick to enjoy anything.)

If you’re among the enlightened few who don’t eat carbs and sugar, breakfast still isn’t your friend.

Let’s repeat this.


And you don’t need it.

I can tell you about how it overwhelms the nervous system in your gut.

I can tell you about its effects on hormones and neurotransmitters.

I can tell you about the benefits of caloric restriction.

But how about a little less conversation and a little more action?

Don’t believe me.

Just try it for yourself, this one little thing that can re-energize your life.

You don’t even have to do anything.

Just don’t eat until well after midday for a week or two.

All you have to do is nothing.

Simply go about your day without having breakfast.

No calories before noon.

If you skip breakfast for 10 days, I guarantee one or all of the following will happen:

You will find yourself forgetting the very thought of breakfast.

You will find yourself having more energy and less need for motivation before lunchtime.

You will find yourself enjoying your lunch a lot more.

And you will surely save a lot of money on food and lattes.

The important thing is to give the mental and physical conditioning enough time to wear off.

To end the addiction.

And stop being a memetic monkey.

That’s why your test run should be for more than just a couple of days.

And it’s not difficult.

At all.

My upcoming book on fasting will give you many tips and tactics that make it even easier to build powerful dietary habits that:

  • save you money
  • reduce your healthcare costs
  • make food more enjoyable
  • improve your mood
  • get rid of the need for motivation
  • raise your energy level
  • jack up your Power of Mind

Qualifying supporters on Patreon or more will get a unique electronic copy before the book is released in print for the general public.

The special treat for patrons will be FREE, the printed version will retail at $65.

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Your Daemon

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