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2018.12.17 – Skin in the Game

In a few hours I’m going to stop eating for an indefinite period of time.

It will be beautiful.

Classy, too.

I’ve decided to do an extended fast while I write my book on fasting.

For several fantastic reasons.

First, the fasting will jack up my mental performance.

Soon because hungry and later because ketosis.

Second, this way I will put some skin in the game not just with my 20+ years of experience fasting, but with fasting while writing the actual book.

If I want to sell millions of people on the idea that fasting improves your productivity, mental performance and quality of life overall, I might as well put fasting to use in creating the manual that will show you how to do it – easily and enjoyably.

Third, I want to have an immediate and fresh experience of an extended fast because that will yield a lot of valuable content for the book.

As I explained in the Foundations of Awareness, there’s more to your sensations than you may be led to believe in the moment.

And a big part of the book will be about applying self-awareness to make fasting easy and habitual rather than some heroic feat of self-deprivation (which it really is not).

I did an 18-day fast at the beginning of 2018, but that’s too long ago to be able to recollect all the details that can be useful to the reader.

So I’ve decided to do at least 10 days of fasting before the New Year.

Maybe party season will cut my fast short at that point, maybe it won’t, but 10 days is the minimum I intend to do.

For the duration of the fast, I will only drink water and unsweetened tea.

And I will be documenting every day of it for supporters on Patreon.

Make a pledge of $5 or more at this link to get access to that series of posts and more exclusive content:

Everyone contributing $5 or more when I reach 108 supporters on Patreon will get a unique electronic copy of the book – as a recognition of your support.

The book itself will only be sold in print, starting at $65.


Because of its unique value.

No other book on fasting covers the subject so thoroughly – and with such practical power.

But there’s more.

There’s value in the price itself.

If you pay $65 for the book, you can bet you will try to squeeze every last drop of value out of it.

Which is exactly what I want.

I want every buyer, every reader, every consumer of the book to become addicted to fasting instead of eating.

And become an advocate for fasting in one’s family and community.

I want to unleash an army of fasting zealots on the sick culture that’s killing millions with sugar and anxiety eating.

If you’re “uncomfortable” with that agenda, hit REPLY and shoot me a note.

If you want to support the overthrow of pseudoscience and sick-care, you can become a supporter on Patreon at this link:

And if you stick around, you will also get that free copy of the book when it’s ready.

Now go forth and conquer.


Your Daemon

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