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2018.12.15 – Conventional Writing You Should UNLEARN Immediately to Stop Being Boring and Underpaid

My college writing would have put you in a coma.

Yet I graduated with distinguished honors for my writing.

“He can write,” the speaker on the podium pronounced, while reading out my acclamation.

A lot has changed since then.

Hundreds of thousands of people have read my writing because I changed it.

And I want to give you an opportunity to change yours to – and get paid and praised for of it.

I recently published 22 Time-Tested Techniques That Make GREAT Writing a Consistent Habit. They fracking WORK.

A while back I also put out a free list of 8 killer techniques to improve your writing fast.

One of those would have shocked many readers.

It urged:

“If you own the Chicago Manual of Style, BURN IT NOW.”

And I wasn’t joking.

There’s no telling how boring – and unstylish – your writing can get if you follow the Conventions of Mediocre Scribblers™. Even in my comatose writing days as a college student, I didn’t follow the braindead CMS guidelines.

But there are plenty of conventions outside the CMS that cripple your writing and your creative spark, making you struggle more with your writing to get worse results.

They are called conventions because they make you conventional – like everybody else.




They infect your everything – from emails to potential clients and employers to your long-form articles and fiction. They make you unreadable, unemployable and unpromotable. They are the low-hanging fruit in improving your writing immediately.


Learning great writing takes time and application.

That’s what the 22 Time-Tested Techniques That Make GREAT Writing a Consistent Habit are for. That’s why they are about making it a HABIT of it.

I will do other missives to cover the HUNDREDS of methods and strategies to write persuasively and brilliantly.

But it’s more important to drop the bad writing techniques first.

Because unlearning boring conventions that were forced-fed to you comes much easier.

You can stop doing that self-defeating nonsense right now and get the benefits lickety-split.

Most such conventions are loiq conformist nonsense you were taught in school by loiq conformist teachers. A lot of it can be found in various style guides (like the CMS), which you should feed to the fire immediately. Either way, get the information and fix your writing.

Or don’t.

One way to improve your writing is to become a supporter on Patreon and apply the principles from the writing workshop which is an exclusive benefit for patrons.

You can learn more and grab it at this link:

Now go forth and conquer.


Your Daemon

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