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2018.12.14 – Fortitude and the Bomb

That day I slept very late.

I think I may have been binge-partying for a few nights before.

And I didn’t sleep well. It was emergency sirens all about – and a lot of them.

I’ve lived near some of the largest hospital clusters in the world. So I’m used to the clangor of ambulances, police cars and fire engines. It’s something I don’t even notice most of the time when I’m deeply focused on my work.

Fire engines are the worst.

But that day was something else. It really filled the air like never before, and there was something panicky about the way the sirens sounded and moved about.

Intuition said this was no ordinary “a bunch of emergency services showing up because some fat frack had a coronary” type emergency.

I hopped out of bed and got onto a normie news website.

The British Brainwashing Corporation methinks it was.

Someone had bombed the finish line of the marathon, just a few blocks from my house.

Dozens of casualties, a few ded.

I lived so close to it that I was surprised I hadn’t heard the blasts myself.

The first thing on my mind was to email my mother to prevent her from going hysterical if she heard the news first.

Next, I needed to figure out what to do with myself.

Obviously, the city would be blocked off and dysfunctional for days on, if previous reactions to such attacks were any indication.

Most people are cowardly creatures who hide under the bed at the first sign of discomfort. They want to be told what to do, they want to be spoon-fed what to think.

And the “security” services oblige the herd amply.

I had no intention of wasting my day.

I went back to the news to check for real danger – to exclude any chemical and radioactive fallout.

Within half an hour, I was satisfied that it was not an issue. My knowledge of psychology and the type of device used told me that the bombers were probably some idiot children and not a part of a larger plot. (And I was right.)

Unlike most people, I’m aware that the more you fixate on your ennemis, the more energy you feed them. So I was determined to go about my business with as little disruption as possible. What else could I possibly do?

The first thing on my agenda was to go running, like I did every day.

About half of my usual route coincided perfectly with the final stretch of the marathon.

Almost to the finish line itself, where the bombing had gone off.

So I went about it while the city was on lockdown.

I didn’t care about security risks because I had done my homework. If my assessment was correct, there was nothing to worry about. If I was wrong – oh, well. Skin in the game.

I didn’t care about being judged by onlookers because I don’t care about other people’s opinions. And because I knew the sheeple would be hiding under their beds anyway as long as the MSM told them to.

The only real issue on my run was the filth left behind by marathon spectators and the fumes of the cleaning crews that had crawled out to deal with it.

By going about my business, I wasn’t addressing any specific emotion or reacting to the circumstances. The intent went the other way – I was only taking stock of the conditions, so I could go about my business with minimal disruption.

This is what “being yourself” is about. These are the things I do, and I do them because this is I. Not because of any other condition.

As you become more of yourself, you build fortitude. Your self-awareness energizes it, your overcoming of obstacles to your self-actualization makes you mentally stronger and more antifragile.

Fortitude isn’t something you do at the gym, although physical fitness certainly helps. Fortitude is what takes you to the gym in the first place.

We often call it grit.

And grit is what makes or breaks success.

Fortitude is your unconditional will to continue on the path you have chosen for yourself, to be the person you have decided to be, regardless of circumstances or “what the community thinks”, including your own fleeting feelings and emotions.

Fortitude is only manifest in our daily actions and our regulation of thoughts and emotions – in harnessing and directing all that energy towards who we want to be.

When confused or unsettled, ask yourself a question.

Who do I want to be? What would that person do right now? What does that person do every day?

Then do as who you want to be would do. Be your better Self.

No matter how bad or unexpected the conditions, your fortitude can come through.


Your Daemon


PS: Think of fortitude as a habit – the habit of being reminded of who you want to be and that you won’t be deterred by anything in being that person.

You can create a reminder by making a pledge on Patreon. That commitment will sting every month you don’t put your fortitude into using the daily email to level up your life in every way possible. You can become a supporter and access massive content at this link:

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