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2012.12.08 – Bright Shiny Objects

I was just listening to a guy with a very popular blog/website/podcast/Twitter account who writes about tech.

I had been looking for something tech-related to stir up the idea machine and I thought I’d give his podcast a shot.

The name was familiar, but I had unfollowed him after giving him a chance on Twitter.

That episode he was taking a tally of the companies he had written the most about in his very successful blog (I assume it is – I’ve never read it).

He was surprised that he had written most about Apple (and not Facebook).

I wasn’t.

In fact, I had been certain Apple would be his most common topic, with my absolutely minimal knowledge of his person and commentary.

It was obvious and predictable for a simple reason.

Most people go for the bright shiny object at the top of the Christmas tree.

Which is why they are terrible at foreseeing future trends.

This was the list of the top 5 companies he had talked about most frequently:

  1. Apple
  2. Google
  3. Facebook
  4. Microsoft
  5. Amazon

The only truly interesting company on the list was Amazon and yet it got the least attention out of the giants. (To his credit, at least he hadn’t wasted much time twakking about Netflix.)

Apple’s been running on fumes.

It’s had the most vulnerable business model – and stock price – of everyone on the shortlist. In other words, it’s a terrible investment.

It’s also been the most boring tech name in the past 5 years, and I’m probably going to need a whole article on Medium to show you how boring exactly.

Meanwhile, ask yourself this.

What insight into the future do you gain by fixating on the bright shiny object?

Because that’s exactly what every journalist and every dumb-money investor and every reactive unit of the lo-awarenes mass does.

The bright shiny object on top of the Christmas tree is yesterday’s news.

Every idiot sees it.

It’s an opportunity that’s already closed, a trend that’s been realized, an outcome that’s been consummated.

Apple’s blockbuster product lines and organizational systems were set in motion over a decade ago. That’s the origin point. That’s where you look to gain insight. Because things don’t come down the linear narrative peddled by every lo-awarenes blogger and charlatan journalist.

Things become manifest as a result of complex dynamics, which you cannot grasp by looking at a singular point in time.

Unless you have an insane amount of experience (and a little bit of Extroverted Intuition to leaven it up).

Which is why you don’t care about the news and don’t fixate on the bright shiny objects when you want to know the future.

Because you are sane.

Because you’re not lo-awarenes.

To know the future, you look to the past.

(But you DON’T assume the future will be like the past!)

When you look to the past, you will quickly notice that great successes are seeded in dark and damp places, away from prying eyes and public attention, at the roots of the weeds, not on top of the Christmas tree.

Fundamental action pushes the dynamic in motion.

And then you put 2 and 2 together and realize that’s exactly where the current future is being seeded right now – at the roots of the weeds, in the unsexy fundamentals, not among the shiny objects everyone is fixating on.

Not in the news.

Realize that the same dynamic determines your own future in your everyday life.

Your present emotion and position, whatever’s at the top of your mind and crowds your attention – it’s a bright shiny object. Which is a product of what’s happened in the past.

Whatever “drama” you’re in the midst of, it’s yesterday’s news.

Accept that it’s an irrelevant distraction to your decisions about the future.

And you can negate it with the fundamental action you take right now.

To shape the future, look to your fundamental instincts, dive deep to the roots of what you WANT, seek out your authentic drive towards your Vision of Yourself.

Not the fleeting emotion and disruption on top the Christmas tree of your distracted Mind.

Laugh at the bright shiny object and take fundamental action regardless.

Because this is how you make your own future.

And this is how you WIN.


Your Daemon


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