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2018.12.07 – Procrastinate RIGHT NOW – and Get Ahead

You know that feeling?

When the very thought of what you have to do makes you want to roll up in bed?

I don’t get that very often – unless I’m not alone in bed.

But at any given time I have an insane number of things to do. I make sure of it because that’s how you push your limits.

No matter what my energy level, deciding what to do first – NOW – often becomes a task in its own right, and one I don’t want to spend another second on.

There are tactics to get a grip on a massive task list, and I will do more email on that. But ultimately it all comes down to procrastination.

Lo-awarenes gurus will tell you to develop your willpower and build daily routines. So you don’t procrastinate on your goalposts. Helpful, huh?

When you’re growing a business – or a child – routine can get you only so far. Things are evolving all the time. You need to move quickly and not waste any time.

Which is why I won’t tell you not to procrastinate, assuming that you’re not slow and already know that.

Instead of chewing over obvious semantics, I will teach you how to procrastinate EFFECTIVELY to gain power and godlike productivity.

Here are the basics of harnessing procrastination.

Procrastination can hide behind a number of mental blocks such as:

  • I can’t pick a priority from my list to do right now. It’s too daunting. Even looking at my to-do list makes me dizzy.
  • I know my priority tasks but I can’t do any of that right now (the very thought of writing/selling/drawing/etc. makes me nauseous).
  • I can’t get myself to get going because I’m afraid it won’t turn out right/I will ruin the opportunity with the client/I will waste my time etc.

All of these are excuses, and we all know it. When you aim high (and you must aim high because you’re on this email list – it’s not for mediocres), you don’t have much time to waste didthering.

When you aspire, you don’t have time to wait for the right time.

You may be feeling slow because you ate carbs or breakfast (mistake!). You may feel unsettled because of celestial movements. You might correctly sense it’s better to give the prospect a few days of breathing space before following up.

It could be any number of reasons, and many of them legitimate.

The fact remains.

When you aspire, you don’t have time to wait for the right time.

What do you do then?

You fill your waiting time by picking something – whatever – from your endless to-do lists and getting on with it immediately.

This is exactly how I’m writing this missive right now.

I have a massive list of tasks to finish in the next three days. Some of them require crafty selling and craftier thinking. And I don’t feel like it at all at the moment – the vibe just isn’t there.

So what did I do?

I picked the first thing off my desktop and started working on it – a two-line email idea I had pinned on earlier. It’s already close to finished, just half an hour later.

And it wasn’t even on any of my lists.

Then why did I do it? Isn’t it important to focus on priorities that bring clients, revenue and whatever?

Because wasting time, overthinking and waiting is always the worst outcome.

Wasted time is what you want to avoid at all costs.

Whenever you feel like procrastinating, do not fracking think, do not obsess.

Grab the first thing and do it. And if you have a clear Vision of direction, you’ll always have something on hand that moves you towards (in my case, this email I’m working on).

Even if it’s not a priority at the moment, it’s another brick in the edifice of your success.

But there’s a sinister aspect as well.

When you get moving on your “side project” and get it done, you arrange your mental dynamic in advancement mode.

You regain focus and determination.

You produce endorphins, dopamine and other accomplishment hormones, which make it easy to decide on what the priority is afterwards.

You don’t just get more decisive, you also get more effective and efficient because your biochemistry has been pumped and primed for high performance.

Instead of slumping for no good reason, you just built an asset and concentrated yourself on target towards manifesting your Vision.

I will write a lot more about specific tactics to manage tasks and avoid mental blocks.

Meanwhile, carve this deep into your mind and commit to always be reminded of it.

When you feel like procrastinating for whatever reason, procrastinate IMMEDIATELY – by doing something towards your Vision.


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Your Daemon

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