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2018.12.06 – Bloody Moon Slaughter

About once a month, I end up taking an hour or two to “draw the line”. I take stock of what’s happened and where my endeavors are, only not in the way you’d suspect.

It’s never planned or premeditated. It just happens of its own momentum.

Most “gurus” would advise you to go over your task lists, goalposts and accomplishments periodically to keep track of what’s finished and what needs to be done.

You’d be tempted to start from your monthly revenues, your customer surveys, your ad performance, your account balances, and so on. How have I performed on these metrics? What worked better or worse? What can be improved?


I do the exact opposite.

The first thing I do – and the No. 1 goal of the whole exercise – is to put aside all my lists and ESPECIALLY all the ongoing tasks in my head. I go for a complete reset physically and mentally. The mentality is: “Frack everything. I’m doing exactly nothing right now.”

Often that’s coupled with an unrestricted nap – staying in bed for as long as I want.

(The attempted sleeping rarely goes on for more than a couple of hours. When you wipe the short-term memory slate clean and have a Vision to drive you, it’s like you’ve unleashed pent-up dragon energy.)

The whole experience kind of works like leavening for the mind.

You’d expect that relaxing and kicking back would slow you down, but the exact opposite happens when you’ve set your intentions beforehand to do a bit of a Moon slaughter.

Because that’s exactly what I do, as soon as I’ve cleared everything aside and opened up mental space.

I start from scratch.

I don’t look at goals, metrics or whatever. I begin from what I WANT – what is to come, not what has been.

I begin with my Vision, and distill a few things which I want to have finished within a month or two.

Which are the top 3 tasks, goalposts, priorities, clients, money streams, whatever I need to get done – every day or as a one-time project?

Here’s an example from right now.

Every day, I must send at least one missive to members of the email list and one post for supporters on Patreon.

That’s the fracking priority above all else.

Clients, projects, workouts, food, sleep, parties, women – all those things have to make room for the daily priorities.

That’s where I begin – figure out what needs to get done first thing every day from NOW on, based on what I want from the future, NOT based on past metrics, previous tasks, existing projects etc.

Think of it as zero-base budgeting for your daily routine.

Next, I make an effort to fit major near-term goals around that “routine”.

For example, at the moment I’d like to have my fasting guidebook substantially drafted by New Year’s Day.

I’ve promised Patreon supporters an exclusive free PDF of that book when the community hits 108 contributing members, and we’re well on our way to hit that in a few weeks’ time (the book itself will retail at $65).

I don’t want just to deliver a product. I want to deliver quality that really works for everyone who’s willing to give it a shot. It has to be good.

So I need to get it going sooner rather than later.

The fasting book is a critical foundation for what comes next. Because fasting is the easiest, most straightforward way to make cognitive gains. (Faster than lifting and nutrition, and second only to cardio.)

If you can’t make fasting work, how would you expect to master higher levels of mental power that require real effort?

In other words, the fasting book also fits in the long-time unfolding of my Vision.

But it comes after what sits at the foundation of each day: 1 email, 1 post (on average) for Patreon. (At this point, I fully intend to email every day for the rest of my life.)

So what do we have now?

Let’s say 3 hours for the email and the post, and another couple of hours daily to work on the book. (This obviously is a small fraction of what I have to do in a day.)

Only after I’ve reviewed my daily goalposts and set a monthly or quarterly goalposts like the book do I look at where my current tasks, projects and miscellaneous responsibilities are. Only then do I look at my task lists – including the tasks I have for tomorrow. Only then do I bother with what most people would commonly consider “urgent”.

You’d be surprised how powerful this approach to opening up mental space is.

Things I’ve been pushing about for weeks get done in hours and minutes. Page-long task lists dissolve into thin air.


Because present action is clearly aligned with long-term Vision. There are no latent questions around what’s a priority, what really needs to get done and how. Now and forever are in harmony.

Let’s recap:

  1. Throw everything aside, mentally and physically. Take a nap if you need to.
  2. Set daily and monthly goalposts using your long-time Vision as an origin point.
  3. Only then look at current tasks and “urgent” items, decide priorities and disposables.

No rocket surgery, right?

Let’s spell this out in big bulky bloody bold italics:

Do not take stock of the present by working backwards towards the past. Take stock of the present by setting goalposts towards your Vision of the future as an origin point. Use whatever from the past fits those objectives and discard the rest.

Time for some straight talk.

This mental reset should become necessary no more than once a week. And even that’s too frequent. If you need to hit the reset button every other day, you have long-term issues you need to address.

What might they be?

  • Poorly defined and feeble Vision – or no vision at all.
  • Lack of alignment between what you’re doing and your Vision.
  • No clear DAILY, weekly, monthly goalposts towards your Vision.
  • Distractions and sabotage (always your fault).
  • Not taking care of your health and fitnesss.

If you find yourself stressed out by work and responsibilities or overwhelmed on a daily basis, this mental cleanup procedure won’t solve them.

If you haven’t set your priorities in infinite time, according to your Vision, you can’t have grit and consistency in the moment, when you’re battered by circumstances.

A weekly or monthly reset empowers you because it lets you align what you have on your plate (your daily and weekly to-do lists) with your long-term Vision of who you want to become. That can’t happen if you don’t have a Vision or it’s poorly translated into daily priorities.

One of those priorities better be to get your mind functioning at a level where you habve clarity of Vision and a full capacity to do that.

I’ve put up 10+5 Techniques to Unleash Your Power of Mind in 5 Days or Less, which will get you up to speed extremely fast.

That content is typically reserved for patrons contributing $30 or more, but if you ACT NOW you can get it if you pledge just $5. The access gate goes up to $30+ at 23:59 EST on 2018.12.06.

Do NOT make a pledge just to get the promotional offer. Only make a pledge if you find value in the daily email and want to support it as a patron because you’re getting value out of it.

If you think you have the DECISION and WILL to follow through with it, here’s the link to the full program again:

Your Daemon

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