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2018.12.05 – 10+5 Techniques to Unleash Your Power of Mind in 5 Days or Less

Let’s cut to the chase.

Everybody wants easy gainz.

Without the inner work and the mental conditioning.


Here’s your instant gratification.

Let’s begin with a bunch of things you DON’T need to do to get these results:

  • No pills.
  • No supplements.
  • No gym memberships.
  • No “superfoods”.
  • No inner work other than sticking to the rules.
  • No special exercise routines.
  • No keto diets (unless you want to).
  • No fasting (although a big plus if you do).

Implement these techniques and you will have MASSIVE results within the next 3-5 days. Patience and clarity of decision is key.

What can you expect about 3-5 days in if you do this?

  • Considerably more energy and no drowsiness until bedtime.
  • Focus AF.
  • Elevated mood throughout the day (unless you live in a cave), possibly hypomania.
  • Creative drive, no matter what you do – your Mind will simply work.
  • A lot less anxiety.
  • Better sleep.

If you have any chronic diseases or take medication, consult your doctor before you do this. Any medical treatments you take may diminish the effectiveness of this superfast course of ACTION. Anything you do is at your own risk – as always.

Nutrition content is typically reserved for patrons contributing $30, but TODAY only I’m making it available for everyone pledging $5 or more. The access gate goes up to $30 at 23:30 EST on 2018.12.06.

Do NOT make a pledge just to get the promotional offer. Only make a pledge if you find value in the daily email and want to support it as a patron.

If you think you have the DECISION and WILL for it, this is the link to the full program:


Your Daemon

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