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2018.11.27 – For the First Time in Your Life You Will Know This

For the first time in your life, you will know why you slip into the same patterns in spite of all your discipline, planning and books on the morning routines of successful people.

For the first time in your life, you will begin to understand deeply why the people closest to you behave as they do, feel as they do, are as they are. They will become closer to you, and dearer.

For the first time in your life, you will see ways to communicate, persuade and sell with people you previously saw as a foreign land – or obnoxious pricks. Indeed, you will know how to send the obnoxious pricks to go home to their mommy and cry themselves to sleep. Like I make them every once in a while.

All comes down to one of the most powerful models of the world we live in.

Understand that models are not “truth”. Nothing that we think we know really is.

They are about effectiveness, about getting things done, only as good as they work for your betterment.

Cognitive Type has been derided by klueless quackademics as pointless voodoo.

THEY are pointless – pointless parasites on the rest of us.

There is no good book or resource out there that delivers Cognitive Type in a way that everyone can understand, apply and BENEFIT from to the fullest. I had no desire to engage with it in depth when I started this more than a year ago, but it has become necessary for this very reason.

You can only transform humanity by understanding and conquering yourself first, then sharing that knowledge with others who are Ready – or not so much.

Cognitive Type is an extremely powerful tool for mastering self and others.

If you have young children, there are few more valuable things you can start teaching them right now.

I will be posting the cognitive type series on Patreon at least once a week. And all this content will absolutely FREE for everyone. Simply sign up at this link and follow to get it:

(And you can still make a pledge here: That it’s free doesn’t mean you can’t put some skin in the game.)

The first post in the series is already up.

What becomes possible when you master this practice will leave you in disbelief.


Your Daemon


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