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2018.11.25 – Online Marketing 101… Cleans Up Your Offline Life

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People often get incredulous when I tell them I email my subscribers every day.

Then they go googly-eyed when they see how BRUTAL some of my posts, tweets and emails are.

First thing they ask (or don’t dare ask!) is about people signing off or tuning out.

Because it might be too much, it could be too intense.

Here’s the deal.

All my life has been about intensity.

I don’t care about the 99% of the time when things are just fine. Since I can remember, for me life’s always been about that 0.001% when they get Sublime.

This REQUIRES you to get rid of the saboteurs in your life, those without the courage and discernment to help you make something good into something Phenomenal.

Some people you have to discard – and proactively.

Something very similar applies to online marketing in the broadest sense of that word – social media, emails, ads, whatever.

You want to get about 10 new subscribers, followers, contacts for every 1 that drops off. And you want to make sure there ARE ones who drop off.

If people are signing up but no-one’s quitting, I know – my message is getting lukewarm, my value is getting diluted, my edge is getting blunted.

That 101 is the only “success” metric I track consistently, my moving target (because let’s face it, it’s never exactly 10:1).

If you’re not moving towards the 10:1 ratio, you’re doing it wrong.

Guess what.

The same applies offline.

If you don’t like your friends, if you’re not surrounded by people you like A LOT, you’re doing it wrong – you’re sending the wrong vibe, sticking by the wrong standards, setting the wrong example with your own behavior.

For every 1 person you don’t quite like in your life – and can get rid of – you must have 10 people who make your life better and bring value.

If you’re not close to that standard, you have a problem.

The problem is never the client. It’s always you.

And you don’t solve it by getting all needy and going to beg after high-value people. Guess what – they don’t want to be seen anywhere near your loser friends.

To open room for valuable people, you need to get out on a limb and put off all the low-quality people crowding your mental space and mucking up your style.

Cut the garbage out.

It’s A-OK to be alone. It’s hugely NOT OK to enable shoddy people and let them drain your energy and undermine your Vision.

If something doesn’t work for you, it’s your responsibility to end it. This applies to personal relationships before all else. And family is no exception.

Then you take action to raise your own value and the right people will come to you.

One way to raise your value is to become a supporter on Patreon. Make a pledge – and program yourself to level up.

It’s not a magic bullet. You still have to do the work to get the results.

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