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2018.11.24 – Time Travel

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Time is a funny thing.

In that it exists only in your head.

People are fascinated with time travel although they do it every day. And you absolutely can engineer how quickly time passes with everyday methods. More on that another time.

Today, focus on the ordinary way in which people go through time – many of them in lo-awarenes and helplessness.

There are two fundamental time scales that we need to become Aware of as fundamental awareness of time.

The first one is long time. It’s the scale of infinity – where you project your Vision of yourself and your mission and principles.

When you create heuristics, principles, rules of thumb how to live, you use this infinite time scale as a reference point. You want them to work towards your Vision “in the forever”. You don’t expect them to get you there tomorrow (although they might!).

This isn’t woo-woo. It’s a practice of success.

One example of a principle that has served me well is my “no third chances” rule. When someone or something blows up or crosses a line a second time, I don’t analyze any of it. I just refuse to waste any more of my time and move on.

What’s the point of this principle? That the circumstances don’t matter. They are irrelevant. I don’t fracking care why you did what you did, I don’t care about apologies, excuses, anything. All that matters is the result – a standard I’ve set in long time has been violated a second time. That’s it. No further thinking needed. Remove pest.

Over about 20 years of applying it, I’ve regretted sticking to the “no third chances” principle exactly zero times; I’ve regretted violating it every time I did.

This is just an example of how power principles can simplify your life and make it easier to focus on what matters to you.

When you’re firmly decided in “long time”, it becomes that much more difficult to get bogged down, distracted, thrown about by passing circumstances.

Because you are easily reminded that they are passing, and your Vision isn’t. Your Vision is what you decide it to be. Short time can’t shake it.

Short time is the everyday.

It’s about what to get from the grocery store and which way to take home to avoid the worst of rush hour.

It’s also where you buy comfort “food”, wallow in self-pity on the couch or don’t apply for a business loan out of fear of rejection.

It’s where the lo-awarenes mass drifts rudderless because it can’t travel to the infinite time scale and draw energy from it – from Vision, mission and principles.

Here’s the deal.

Most people fixate on short time. They thimk your success came from some brilliant decision you made in the moment of a lucky break.

This is the first-order thimking of the lo-awarenes mass. It’s also how you write catchy business books and biographies that appeal to it.

In practice, if you fixate on short time, looking for shortcuts and instant gratification, you get a life of misery and disappointment.

Losers expend time and energy making decisions and taking action in short time. They dither, obsess and analyze trivial things that come and go. Which is why they fail inexorably in infinite time.

They don’t understand that sustained success requires that you make everyday decisions on the basis of long-term goals.

In the moment of resistance or doubt, you need to travel in time to the infinite scale and be reminded of your guiding Vision and principles. Of what you want “for forever”. And that’s not a sandwich, a plasma screen or a video game.

Make time travel like this a daily habit, and you can’t go wrong.


Your Daemon


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