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2018.11.22 – Why I Email You Every Day (Including Thanksgiving) and How That Bit of Knowledge Can Change Your Life

Happy Thanksgiving to subscribers in the US! Holiday or not, you’re still getting your daily email that I just finished writing fresh off a recent experience.

Yesterday, I took some time off my winter writing offensive to meet with yet another startup founder.

The vast a majority of meetings are unnecessary and a total waste of time and energy.

But I always enjoy meeting founders because youth, ambition and competence are a fiery mix that throws my energetics into overdrive.

No joke.

I got five emails out of that half-hour meeting. Or maybe six – I’m not done writing yet.

It was a no-nonsense, to-the-point and open conversation. The way I like them.

The founder wanted to know how he can use email marketing to raise money and make sales to grow his business. And everything I told him seemed to make sense.

This one thing surprised him though.

I kept repeating and reiterating that he should email people on his list every day. No exceptions, no excuses.

There are many reasons to do it, all of them sensible.

In the end, it comes down to one thing that trumps everything else.

It takes time to build trust and credibility with anyone in one’s right mind. Only fools commit to relationships at first sight.

And you don’t want to deal with fools because fools make bad customers, toxic friends, destructive business partners.

When you email people daily and share your own life experience, you build trust just as you would with a tried and tested friend.

You get to accumulate those repeated interactions quickly.

And there’s more.

The more frequently you email, the faster the compounding.

As in offline life.

When we meet someone every day, several times a day, we have much less of a chance to forget and grow lukewarm. Getting to know each other and getting along goes exponential.

If you do get along.

If you don’t, you get to weed out the worthless faster without wasting much of your time and energy. Which makes the daily email a great filter to tell apart those committed to taking their lives to another level – EVERY DAY – from the flakes and floozies.

There is a big lesson in that, which goes beyond emails.

If you want to build a relationship with someone, the way isn’t to be tentative and flakey, giving people too much space and “options”.

Build intensity every way you can (without getting creepy or needy).

Doesn’t matter if it’s a sale, a pick-up at a bar or wedding, a business venture, a job application, a promotion at work or the Olympian task of getting the whole family together for Thanksgiving.

Get in there early and use every opportunity to spend time together and make the connection more intense. Listen, and listen carefully. Make sure you create value, not noise – but in an earnest way, not fake or pushy.

CREATE opportunities to be present and become recognizable. Take a hint when people are busy or not in the right mentality – it’s OK because you’re not going anywhere until you get what you want.

Which is the point.

You don’t have to “win” any one interaction. Focus on creating as many of them as possible instead (that will also prevent you from becoming pushy or needy). Results will follow the relentless.

Sometimes that result may be the realization that this person simply isn’t worth pursuing. Not worth your time and effort.

Clarity is a win either way, and the faster you get to it, the better.

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Any questions – hit Reply and let me know.

Now go forth and conquer!


Your Daemon


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